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Michael Brown Chairmaker

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Michael Brown Chairmaker

I offer an extensive selection of custom handcrafted chairs that are not only comfortable; they are also aesthetically pleasing. Each chair is made the way the earliest Windsor chairs were made, providing owners with a piece of furniture that has modern features and a timeless appeal.


The chairs I offer can be used for a variety of purposes. Those needing furniture for a room in their home can choose from traditional rocking chairs, office chairs, dining room furniture and stools. Conversely, those looking for the perfect piece for their deck or patio should check out Comfy-rondack chair, which is ideal for relaxing outdoors.


Musicians will likely enjoy my music chairs, which are custom made according to your height, ensuring you are as comfortable as possible when playing your chosen instrument. Music stands are also available for those needing a fashionable stand to place their music sheets.


If you would like to learn more about a custom handcrafted, yet contemporary Windsor chair, please call 252-249 1348 or visit my studio in Grantsboro, North Carolina.


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