Hand-crafted to fit you with an emphasis on aesthetics, sustainably sourced wood, custom designed and exquisitely detailed chairs and furniture...just for you. I craft bespoke chairs and furniture that are beautiful, natural and fit your body and your style perfectly.

Each chair is made the way the earliest Windsor chairs were made, by hand with manual tools and distinct precision. Providing you with a piece of furniture that has modern features, timeless appeal and is absolutely comfortable.

what I make

Custom Windsor Chair

I have painstakingly developed a design process that helps me craft chairs that support your whole body. Custom tailored to your body measurements and your personal taste.​

People sit more than they sleep, so I make it my mission to design and craft the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing chairs I can, just for you.​

Bespoke Office Chair
Custom Made Chairs

My goal is to craft a chair to meet your every like, need and want (within reason). We talk about you, your measurements, your style, and your choice of wood, then I hand-make your chair from scratch to your exact specification and your complete satisfaction.


If you would like to learn more about a custom handcrafted, yet contemporary Windsor chair, please call 252-249-1348 or visit my studio in Grantsboro, North Carolina.


PLan your project 

If you are looking for something that you have not seen here, let's plan your project together. If you want to talk now just give me a call and we can get started or fill out the form below. I really like to talk to you to find out a little bit more about you, what you want in a chair or handcrafted furniture, that way we make it fit you and your space so calling me is the fastest way to get a response.





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made to measure

chairs that fit you.

Windsor Chairmaker and  Fine Furniture

Call Me Today To Start Your Custom Project Or Chair 1-252-249-1348​

Michael Brown

 To order your custom chair or furniture give me a call 1-252-249-1348