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Good Woodworking Magazine Featured A Truly Blessed Man

I was recently included in Good Woodworking's September Issue...


I will be temporarily closing my studio for a short time while I spend time with my wife...

Custom Office Chair By Artisan Michael Brown Chairmaker

This video showcases a custom Windsor office chair and explains how each one is crafted to fit perfectly.

Musings At Dawn - Redwing Blackbirds

I row my boat on the creek most mornings at dawn. The redwing blackbirds are back...

Musings At Dawn - Another Day

I row my boat on the creek most mornings at dawn...and a front is coming through.


temporarily closing my studio...

I am saddened to tell you I have temporarily closed my shop, all of you that had given me deposits have had them returned by now and I thank all of you that offered to reorder when I start creating again, it really meant a lot to me.

As some of you know, Theresa, my wife of 32 years, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and I am caring for her at home with the assistance of a visiting hospice nurse.

We picked out a tree from our property and I am making her a casket, I have made caskets before and it is always emotional but with this one I can only work a short while before the tears blur my vision and I hurry inside to hold her hand. The comfort of her touch emboldens me and while she is still napping I go out again to try some more. I seem to spend more time stroking the wood and remembering than actual construction, I hope it embraces her on her final journey the way I want it too.

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