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Good Woodworking Magazine Featured A Truly Blessed Man

I was recently included in Good Woodworking's September Issue...


I will be temporarily closing my studio for a short time while I spend time with my wife...

Custom Office Chair By Artisan Michael Brown Chairmaker

This video showcases a custom Windsor office chair and explains how each one is crafted to fit perfectly.

Musings At Dawn - Redwing Blackbirds

I row my boat on the creek most mornings at dawn. The redwing blackbirds are back...

Musings At Dawn - Another Day

I row my boat on the creek most mornings at dawn...and a front is coming through.


Custom office chair video

Recently I hired a videographer to shoot some video of my work. I thought I should share with you the first of many to come. This Video showcases my Custom Windsor Office Chair and I talk about how each one is crafted to fit the user perfectly. Ergonomic, pelvic/lumbar support, and beautiful. You would never guess that these chairs are super sturdy yet super comfortable. Without upholstery to worry about or fasteners it's a great addition to your home office. Comfort and quality guaranteed.

Windsor Chairmaker and  Fine Furniture

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Michael Brown

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