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Good Woodworking Magazine Featured A Truly Blessed Man

I was recently included in Good Woodworking's September Issue...


I will be temporarily closing my studio for a short time while I spend time with my wife...

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I was recently honored to be included in Good Woodworking’s September magazine issue and I have to say it is quite odd reading about yourself in a magazine, but very thrilling none the less. If you don’t know Good Woodworking magazine it is the No. 1 magazine for aspiring wood designers and makers. The magazine gives you interesting projects to make, techniques, and expert advice. It is really an informative and inspiring magazine that covers the gamut when it comes to woodworking and I was recently featured. 

I frequently get asked to write magazine articles or teach courses, I have avoided the articles as they generally want a “how to” and that takes so much work, just getting the pictures takes numerous setups. I have taught a couple of times at the University, School of Art, woodshop for a weeklong chairmaking course, which is very inspiring and rewarding but I chose not to swap my family time so I now refuse politely. But this recent magazine article wanted a why and not “how to” article and my Father reads this magazine and here I am over 60 years old and still wanting my Father’s approval, so I wrote, and he read, and now proudly shows it to all his friends.

Good Woodworking Magazine

This is the man who sacrificed so much to give all his children the same private education his Mother sacrificed to give her children and here I am working with my hands and still he is proud. How big a man is he, that the choices his son made to live a life of meaning and joy (OK, some sorrows too) and not financial stability, which is all he strived for, can still be proud of him.

I think of myself as blessed being able to create each day but without his hands putting the tool in mine and guiding me, without his hands stroking the side of his wooden boat as he explained how we were to bring it back to life and keep us safe on the water, I would not have had the fortitude to stand on my own feet and build my own business and support my family and revel in the joy and pain of creating.

Good Woodworking Magazine - Michael Brown Chairmaker

They titled the article, “A truly blessed Man.” Which really is a perfect title to describe me, my life, and my passion of making bespoke chairs and furniture. The author touched on a lot of subjects in the five-page spread. He talked a bit about building my Timber-framed house, where my passion for working wood began (from my father and boatbuilding), my preference for hand tools, my love for traditional designed chairs and furniture with modern elements, my inspiration as a chair maker, my workshop companions, teaching students, and much much more. The author covered so much that I don’t think I could talk about it all without just rewriting the entire piece. 

My favorite quote from the article reads, “Despite Michael’s immense skill, he appears to be a modest man, thanking nature for what it has gifted him and talking very humbly of his work, so while pride may be considered a sin, it is refreshing to hear how at the end of a long day, this maker sits in one of his rocking chairs and feels a sense of happiness in what he has created, and so he should!” 

Good Woodworking Magazine - September 2017


Being a humble man I am very appreciative and blessed, truly blessed to have been featured in Good Woodworkings September issue. If you want to read the article yourself take a look here. 

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