written by:​ Michael Brown

Good Woodworking Magazine Featured A Truly Blessed Man

I was recently included in Good Woodworking's September Issue...


I will be temporarily closing my studio for a short time while I spend time with my wife...

Custom Office Chair By Artisan Michael Brown Chairmaker

This video showcases a custom Windsor office chair and explains how each one is crafted to fit perfectly.

Musings At Dawn - Redwing Blackbirds

I row my boat on the creek most mornings at dawn. The redwing blackbirds are back...

Musings At Dawn - Another Day

I row my boat on the creek most mornings at dawn...and a front is coming through.




Coming back home from my early morning row on the creek, I pass some neighbors homes and hear loud barking from "Buster."

This is odd as he is an inside dog so they must be out walking him in their garden, he is going frantic, he has never seen this strange, silent (except for the gasping) thing moving towards his domain.

I turn and see Anne is holding his leash with her back to me as he tries to pull her arm out of its socket.


DENIAL is why women will one day rule the world, I believe that strong is purely feminine, if she cannot see me, I cannot see her, in her dressing gown and slippers.


I want that kind of mental control.

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