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Good Woodworking Magazine Featured A Truly Blessed Man

I was recently included in Good Woodworking's September Issue...


I will be temporarily closing my studio for a short time while I spend time with my wife...

Custom Office Chair By Artisan Michael Brown Chairmaker

This video showcases a custom Windsor office chair and explains how each one is crafted to fit perfectly.

Musings At Dawn - Redwing Blackbirds

I row my boat on the creek most mornings at dawn. The redwing blackbirds are back...

Musings At Dawn - Another Day

I row my boat on the creek most mornings at dawn...and a front is coming through.



I row my boat on the creek most mornings at dawn.


The redwing blackbirds are back!!! In their 100’s and thousands. They are little black birds the size of sparrows with a splash of red when they open their wings.


They mass on the stalks of marsh grass one per stalk, clinging to the side of this vertical reed, one leg stretched straight down the other bent at the knee trying to keep their head's upright.


As I row past they alight in a cloud of black, red, chirping, cursing, laughing… I am not sure, so I am going with laughing.


The part I see most is the mass landing after I have passed, just as my wake curls into the reeds so they land and it appears as if my wake has moved the solid marsh, just mesmerizing.


Redwing Blackbird


The sun is low as I enter the marsh this morning I must be coming home early, so my shadow is laid upon this wall of marsh grass and it dips and dances with the birds.


Then around the bend the light changes, the birds are gone and silence, except for my breath and the splash of the oars.


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