written by:​ Michael Brown

Musings at dawn​

There is a light in my life, rather a light in the window of my neighbour down the creek, she gets up even earlier than I. When I row past her house it is still dark, I try to go out in the moonlight and return as the sunlight is stretching across the water and lighting the top of the marsh grass.


Hers is the only light on the creek and a comfort to see, I know she is there looking out as the sky lightens in the East, sitting in a chair I made her from a tree off her property.


This thought makes life even more special, which is as well because around the bend I start my rowing sprint, the creek is wide and I give it all I have for two miles, I start with a rhythm of stroke and a subtlety of feathered oars and end in a panting, scream of joy, simultaneous to the pack of hunting dogs howling as they hear their breakfast coming from the house.


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