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Custom Office Chair By Artisan Michael Brown Chairmaker

This video showcases a custom Windsor office chair and explains how each one is crafted to fit perfectly.

Musings At Dawn : Mental Control

In my early morning row this morning I had a curious event happen that just made my day. It made me realize that women are masters at their Mental Control. :)

Summer Is Almost Over Back To Work/School

Here are a few things to think about as fall is quickly approaching. Your office space can either make you or break you. Making sure your office space will help you be the most productive you can be.

Christmas in July

For the first time ever I am offering gift vouchers for those on your list that have everything...or are just impossible to please.

Not much wood

Here is a fiberglass reproduction of theSussex beach boat* I was raised around.I just replaced the wood rubrail and now fora lazy Sunday on the river/sound. *If you would like to read a little bit more about Sussex Beach Boats you can read this free fine book on Amazon, titled Inshore Craft, Traditional Working Vessels Of The British Isles. 


Musings AT Dawn : Snake protocol

> Scramble to the other end (very tippy)

> Reasoning, hey Adam and Eve spoke to a snake

> Hope it stays down its end

> Use the oar to dislodge it, a 10-foot oar does not seem a very versatile tool and anyway it is only the oars in the water that is keeping us right side up


I remember the emergency paddle and it is up my end, “my end”, did I just give it squatters rights?


I usually check for snakes but could not sleep and thought a moonlight row would be nice.


I can see the dark thing against the silver hull in the moonlight and it is not rattling, OK- desperate times when not rattling is a good thing.


I slide it onto the paddle and hurl it into the water, there are only two venomous snakes hereabouts and if it was not a rattlesnake then it is a “Water Mocassin”, maybe it will think hurling it into the water is a game.


How fast can I row? How fast can it swim ?


I slither back to my seat (slither really!!), the oars bite the water (OK stop using words like that) and we are off, the snakes head is up and going away from me across the moonlit water.

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